Migration / Transfer

In reference to PMC letter: No.F.4-Sec.PMC-2021/Transfer Policy-Vacant Seats/290

RMDC to proceed to fill this seat by migration / transfer from other medical colleges following the prescribed PMC National Transfer Policy on vacant seats 2022 and UHS framework for migration. The procedure / policy for inviting applications is as under:

  • All desirous students to submit applications for migration/ transfer against the notified vacant seats along with requisite documents (MDCAT & FSC results and detailed marks certificate issued by the university for last professional examinations )
  • Students enrolled in other medical college in MBBS program only may apply for transfer in RMDC against the notified vacant seats in the same program and level. 
  • RMDC will share the vacant seats available in each year of the program to the University of Health Sciences Lahore for display on University of Health Sciences Lahore‘s website.
  • Applicants will also apply to the University of Health Sciences Lahore for transfer separately along with requisite documents mentioned above.
  • No applicant for migration/transfer will be allowed to join college in any case prior to approval of the University of Health Sciences Lahore for migration.
  • RMDC will determine the merit as per the formula given by University of Health Sciences Lahore.
  • Inter university migration will be allowed only after determination of academic equivalence by the University of Health Sciences Lahore.
  • In case of inter university migrations attempt certificate from the leaving college / university will be obtained by each applicant clearly specifying that attempts will be counted from this point onward.
  • RMDC will display the list of all students applying for transfer on RMDC website. The college will notify the final list of students to the authority for approval.
  • Incase of more than one application the following University of Health Sciences Lahore formula will be used for calculation of merit.

Merit calculation for transfer of 1st Year MBBS students (Session 2021-22) will be same on which admissions in RMDC were given. Formula is as under:-

50% marks of MDCAT & 50% marks of FSc / HSSC / equivalent 12th Grade Qualification Recognized in Pakistan.

Merit Calculation for transfer/migration in 3rd & 4th Year as per the formula given by the UHS as under-

Year Weightage to the merit of applicants at the time of admissionMarks obtained in last Professional examinations weightage
3rd Year

4th Year
50 %

50 %
1st Professional
2nd Professional
1st & 2nd Professional
3rd Professional
25 %
25 %
25 %

Migration will be granted strictly on merit.

Policy Regarding Transfers by PMC