AI Workshop for Medical Professionals

” Rahbar Medical & Dental College (RMDC)  hosts Successful Artificial Intelligence Workshop for Medical Professionals”

In a collaborative effort, Rahbar Medical & Dental College (RMDC) and the University of Lahore conducted a workshop titled “Textual Transcendence: Empowering Medical Professionals with Chat GPT for Research Excellence & Innovative Communications” on November 1st, 2023. Led by Dr. Ambreen Khalid and Dr. Mamoona Shabbir, the workshop provided hands-on training in utilizing artificial intelligence, particularly Chat GPT, in healthcare and research. Attended by doctors from RMDC and other medical colleges, the event received praise for its informative content. Certificates were awarded by RMDC Principal, Prof. Dr. Zahid Kamal Siddiqui. marking the success of this collaborative endeavor. This workshop underscores the commitment of RMDC to advancing research excellence in the medical field through the integration of cutting-edge technology.