Message From The Chairman

Greeting budding scholars is a matter of great pride and honour for an institution. To be the part of this institution is in fact a stepping stone in a lifelong journey of an astounding career. I would like to congratulate you on selecting a very noble and honourable profession. It will provide you the opportunity to serve the ailing humanity as well as your motherland. However, you will have to put hard work, dedication and focused attention to achieve this dream. Medical education and provision of health care services are integral aspects of functional healthcare system and the recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted its need many folds. Since our inception we have been working tirelessly to improve quality of our institute. It is because of this reason that in as short span of time our institution has made a mark in the field of medical education. Our college and affiliated hospital both are ISO certified. Punjab Rangers will continue to provide all possible support to further raise the standards that are imperative for cultivating an academic ethos needed in any educational institute.

It is expected from our youth to be apt learners, ever ready to face uphill task smilingly and turning issues into opportunities. Since there is a huge disproportion between trained human resource and ailing humanity within our country, it is the need of the hour to contribute in this regard. Pakistan Rangers Punjab will not leave any stone unturned to make you future leaders in health with matching capabilities to deliver accordingly through imparting knowledge, dexterity and moulding your attitudes towards the service of mankind.

I am really pleased to have you with us in RMDC and hope that you will become ambassadors of change and a ray of light for the down trodden ones amongst us. May the Commandment of Quran, “IF YOU SAVE ONE LIFE IT SHALL BE AS IF YOU HAVE SAVED THE ENTIRE HUMANITY”, forever be your guideline in life! May ALLAH (SWT) bless you with success and help you in your endeavors (Ameen).      

Major General  Muhammad Aamir Majeed

Chairman Rahbar Medical & Dental College, Lahore